Friday, May 9, 2014

Glitzy Coilz Presents....

Come one come all!! My first natural hair event!! Woo Hoo!! 
Tutorials, Panel Discussions, Natural Hair Mixology all for FREE!! 
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Sunday, March 23, 2014

My baby boy LAUGHING at the movie Rio!

I used to watch this movie when I was in my 3rd trimester. My son has always loved this movie Rio. My oldest daughter recorded this video of my baby laughing hysterically! This video cracks me up every time! I believe he was like 6/7 months at the time. <3

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Leave Blue Ivy's Hair Alone!!!

 Its nothing that gets under my skin like judgemental people. Its even more cringing to hear/read/see people "going in" on a helpless innocent child. In Blue Ivy's two years of life she has seen more of the world than most people do in a lifetime. I understand that Blue could care less because she has wealthy, loving doting parents who adore her. That's not the point. My point is that it is so appalling to see the "barrette bandits" ridicule every picture of Blue that hits the net. These miserable people used to post stupid stuff like, "Blue Ivy isn't Bey and Jay's" blah blah. Now that the child has grown up to look like a carbon copy blend of her parents its nothing left to say but to attack her hair. Some people might read this and wonder why I take this bashing so personal...Here's why:

1.) She's a baby! If you can talk bad about a baby you don't have a soul.
2.) Her hair is FREE, as it should be. Small children shouldn't be weighed down by 79 barrettes and heavy hair accessories.
3.) Blue's hair is in its natural state. If Beyonce permed it or put weave in it yall would be ready to stone her!
4.) Combing a toddlers' hair ain't easy. Who wants to hear a baby scream from having their fragile hair tugged and pulled?
5.) She wears natural loose hair, so who is to say whether her hair is done or not?
6.) Did I already say she was just a baby?

Seeing a happy, healthy, loved baby is more important to me than whether or not she has straight parts in her hair.

My son is similar in age and he hates for me to comb/his hair. The best I can do on a daily basis is slather some oil moisturizer in his hair. He squirms to get away every time. When he took a nap I made small little bantu knots to keep his hair from drying out.

This is my son's usual style. His toddler-fro. It may look unkept but I sprayed my olive oil/water mist and used the denman brush.

This style is rare, while he was sleep I wanted to put up his hair because it was damp from his shampoo/bath.

His hair loves the Kandy Kurls. It make his curls pop!

 From a distance his hair looks dry and matted but its not. I just put some product in but you can't tell.

No matter how much product I use his hair appears to be dry from a distance even when its not. Maybe its his brownish hair color.

After a bath I always put his hair up so it won't tangle.

From a far it looks dry...
 Up close you can see his curls better..

 This day he put up a fight because his hair was all over the place. It was a battle and totally not worth it. I wouldn't go through that again because he hated it.

I did the LOC METHOD method for supreme moisturizing.

The next day his hair absorbed every drop of moisture.

I couldn't imagine having paparazzi follow me around everywhere. My husband took the baby on a midnight run to the grocery store because he was teething and fussy. Folks would say I didn't comb my baby's hair judging from this picture.

I pulled his hair back for Christmas pictures with Santa. Someone asked me if he was a girl. GRRRRR! Thats why I don't like putting his hair in ponytails.

An older lady asked me when was I cutting off his hair because its too long. I was polite but it annoys me when people offer unsolicited advice.

After his shampoo I made random plaits..

My baby's signature style. His toddler-fro!

My baby's hair looks moisturized up close but not so much from a distance.

Tending to a baby's hair is not easy and I'm not nearly as busy as Beyonce. I know she can afford a professional stylist specifically for Blue....but, who's to say Blue would allow it. Personally, I wouldn't want anybody doing my child's hair but me. 

* Blue may be severely tender-headed
*Blue may have hair/scalp condition
or maybe...just maybe
*Blue may be strong willed like most baby/toddlers who ain't having it! THESE BABIES RUN THE HOUSE!! 

I just wanted to give my perspective of the situation. I may not always agree with everything Beyonce & Jay do but they get cool points from me for letting their child be free. The less styling and manipulation to the hair the better. Take it easy with the combs people! Yall gonna comb yalls kids hair so much they won't ever have any edges left!  

Are they called Dreads or Locs?

What do you call them? Dreads, Dreadlocks or Locs?

After seeing this picture on Pinterest it posed the question, "Is the correct term DREADS or LOCS"? It took me back to my Sophmore second semester at LU and I had a professor who had long locs. The last time I seen long locs like that was on an episode of A Different World. I was mesmerized by them because they weren't as common as they are now in 2014. After class I went to ask a question but before walking away I said, "I like your dreadlocks". Real calm he replied, "You think my hair is dreadful?" I was like, "No, NO, no..I like them." I can't remember his exact words but since that day I think twice before saying Dreadlocks. On the other hand I see those with locs who refer to their hair as dreadlocks. I was confused so I did a little research.

“Dreads” is a shortened form of the word “dreadlocks.”
According to etymologists, “dreadlocks” is a word that was first used to describe the locked hair of Rastafari people. Though the etymology of the word is not debated in the academic community, it is debated in the black hair community due to a number of myths; however, two common stories are told.
One story claims that the word came from the Rastafari followers’ “dread” (“fear” as described Biblically in the books of Hebrews, Psalms, and Proverbs) of Jah, the God of Abraham. This theory most closely correlates to the academic explanation of the word.
Another common theory states that hair of African slaves shipped to the Caribbean matted up during the course of their transport, and therefore their hair became known as “dreadful.” It is important to note that Carribean slave trade predated the first documented use of the word “dreadlocks” by more than two centuries, and it is both uncertain and academically unproven that this connection is grounded in fact.
Because of the second story, many black people prefer not to call their locked hair “dreadlocks.”
Having “dreadful” hair is a racially-charged societal myth that particularly concerns black and African hair types. There is a pressure in the black community to have “good hair,” because Western beauty standards often label natural black/African hair as something negative that must be hidden (weaves), disguised (braided), or heavily-manipulated (relaxed). 
Many black people assert there is nothing “dreadful” about their hair, knotted or not. For this reason, the word “locs” was invented to specifically describe knotted black and African hair.
Because “locs” is an invented word and was created to specificallydescribe black people and black people only (Africans included), it isgenerally inappropriate for people who are not of African descent to call their own hair “locs.” 


What say YOU?

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Table for EIGHT! Decorate your Holiday table for $40!!

Our Women's Ministry is called King's Daughters and for our Luncheon we paired in groups to decorate the tables. Each group decorated each table to seat 8 guests and we were to invite other women to the luncheon. My BFF/Cousin and I are on a budget so we knew we wanted something Chic, Classy, Trendy and AFFORDABLE. My cousin Paypal'd me her half and I went shopping. Even though its Fall season I didn't want Orange Earth tones. I wanted Classic with a Pop of Color. I went to Hobby Lobby first to see if I could find a few statement pieces on Clearance. 

I went from aisle to aisle looking for a color scheme. Thats when these black/white Chevron print disposable plates stood out at me.  They would take a nice chunk of the budget but I had to have them...

I picked up a black plastic table cloth but I put it back when I seen this gold table cloth. 

I found these pretty gold, turquoise, brown plastic peacock thingy's to go in the centerpiece. Its hard to see in this picture the leopard flower and gold/copper seeds/beads on the other side.

I also bought silver/gold plasticware and gold ribbon from Hobby Lobby.

Right next door was Dollar Tree so I found the black disposable plates, cups and bowls. I stacked the plates/bowls to look like place settings. I sooo need an etiquette class so I will know which order the spoon/forks and knives go. Something was still missing so we added the turquoise napkins to pull the color from the centerpiece. The vase/blue marbles came from Dollar Tree also.

My Bestie looking pretty waiting for the festivities to begin. We were so proud of our little table. We didn't have fine china and real silver like some of the other tables but it was a wonderful event. Its great when women can come together and have a grand time!!  

The picture doesn't do the decor any justice! 

These are a few of the other tables...The ladies did their thang and the food was awesome.


I'm inspired to entertain more guests at home and I'm really excited about decorating for the Holidays!! It doesn't take a lot of money to host and be creative.

Color Your Natural Hair with Kool-Aid!!

My teen daughter and I were having our usual random girl talk sessions about me when I was her age. Somehow I mentioned coloring my hair with Kool-Aid because I was too broke to afford store bought hair color. My daughter was extremely interested and asked me how I did it. When I was being plucked dry for all the deets I didn't realize my daughter had a master plan brewing. LOL! She brought me all the items needed and asked if I would help her . I was hesistant to allow her to color her hair red so I told her that I thought red was too grown up looking for her age.. Her reply was, "Mom, didn't you say you were 15 like me when you tried it?" LOL! HA! She cornered me, I agreed to only a few streaks so we decided to wait for the weekend to try it.

What we used:

1 pkg of Tropical Punch Kool-Aid
1 squeeze of conditioner

We decided to color only the highlights she already had.

One nice squeeze of conditioner...any kind would work

1 pkg of Tropical Punch Kool Aid. I would use 4-5 pkgs for the whole head. Maybe more depending upon the length of the hair.

Pour Kool Aid into the Conditioner

Stir until you have a paste

Kool-Aid/Conditioner Paste

I sectioned off the colored area and tied a baggie around it to keep it from getting on the other hair... Not necessary, just a preference.

I added a Co-Wash to the other hair and put a shower cap over her hair for 3 hours. 

She rinsed it out and now had red streaks... She's happy so I'm happy. :-)
Its a semi-permanent rinse because the color looses intensity with each shampoo.

Brings back memories of my Kool-Aid hair days! LOL!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Dinner is Served!

I love to cook...I take pics of dishes I prepare but I never know what to do with the pics. So basically they are just taking up space on my phone. Rarely do I use recipes. I am a self proclaimed "pinch of this and that" type of cook. These are a few family favorite dinners.

Salmon, baked sweet potato and cucumber salad

Salmon on a baby spinach salad

Lentils and spinach w/smoked turkey

Shrimp & Grits 

Spinach stuffed chicken breast wrapped in bacon served over Quinoa

My sous chef, my baby boy helps me in the kitchen. Well, I let him play with whatever to keep quiet while I cook... lol

My husband fried catfish, mac & cheese and brussel sprouts

Seafood Gumbo

Cheese Grits

Chicken Pot Pie

Fried chicken wings, spanish rice and steamed brocolli


Tilapia and mix veg

Chicken Fried Rice

Oxtails, pinto beans and rice, spinach and cornbread

Hubby caught the fish and I fried it up!

Roast, spinach, yellow rice, yams

Tortilla Soup

My daughters making cookies on Mothers Day

Potato soup

Curry Salmon/ Brussels

Mexican, black bean enchilada bake

Beef Stew

Baked wings, mash potatoes, spinach, corn/brocolli

Steak/potato soup

Baked Chicken, rice, spinach, brown gravy/onions 

Green Smoothies

Catfish for parents (too many bones)/ Chicken for kids, mac & cheese, normandy blend veg

Catfish, rice, black eyed peas, veg

Apple Cider

Chicken strips

Chicken strips, mac, , brocolli

Salmon, brussells, cabbage w/peppers

THATS ALL FOLKS....for now *wink*